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Gary Moore Şarkı Sözleri

Rockin' And Rollin'  
The Woman's In Love  
Showbiz Blues  
Looking for Somebody  
Cold Hearted  
Livin' On Dreams  
Someday Baby  
Preacher Man Blues  
Murder In The Skies  
Business As Usual  
Military Man  
Running From the Storm  
The Blues Is Alright  
Teenage Idol  
Need Your Love So Bad  
Hot Gossip  
Down The Line  
Really Gonna Rock Tonight  
Thunder Rising  
Wishing Well  
Gonna Break My Heart Again  
Worry No More  
Run To Your Mama  
Reach for the Sky  
Don't You Lie to Me (I Get Evil)  
Shapes of Things to Come  
Song for Donna  
Can't Help Myself  
After The War  
The Same Way  
Don't Believe A Word  
Did You Ever Feel Lonely?  
Trouble Ain't Far Behind  
Because Of Your Love  
Run for Cover  
Hold on to Love  
Enough Of The Blues  
She's Got You  
We Want Love  
You Kissed Me Sweetly  
Story Of The Blues  
Only Fool in Town  
House Full Of Blues  
Lonely Nights  
As The Years Go Passing By  
Once in a Lifetime  
Since I Met You Baby  
Flight of the Snow Moose  
All I Want  
Where Did We Go Wrong  
Don't Take Me for a Loser  
Sail Across The Mountain  
Love That Burns  
Dirty Fingers  
All Messed Up  
Looking Back  
Out in the Fields  
Friday on My Mind  
Back On The Streets  
Still In Love With You  
Shapes of Things  
Bring My Baby Back  
Falling In Love With You  
Murder in the Skies  
Ready for Love  
Fanatical Fascists  
Bad News  
Mojo Boogie  
Speak for Yourself  
Nuclear Attack  
Out of My System  
The Hurt Inside  
End of the World  
Stormy Monday  
Johnny Boy  
Listen to Your Heartbeat  
This Thing Called Love  
I Loved Another Woman  
I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow  
Afraid of Tomorrow  
That Kind of Woman  
Lost In Your Love  
Time To Heal  
What Would You Rather Bee or a Wasp  
Separate Ways  
Grinding Stone  
Jumpin' At Shadows  
Holding on  
Bad For You Baby  
Key to Love  
Ain't Got You  
Blood Of Emeralds  
Strangers in the Darkness  
Blues For Narada  
I Look At You  
Victims of the Future  
Wild Frontier  
One Day  
King of the Blues  
Nothing to Lose  
Cold Black Night  
Boogie My Way Back Home  
Crying in the Shadows  
All Your Love  
Take a Little Time  
The Messiah Will Come Again  
The Law of the Jungle  
Gonna Rain Today  
Rockin' Every Night  
I Ain't Got You  
If You Be My Baby  
Moving On  
The Sky Is Crying  
Cold Day in Hell  
The Prophet  
Like Angels  
Dark Days In Paradise  
Picture Of The Moon  
Oh Pretty Woman  
Midnight Blues  
The Supernatural  
Go on Home  
Empty Rooms  
Really Gonna Rock  
Always There For You  
Rest In Peace  
Led Clones  
Long Grey Mare  
Always Gonna Love You  
Drowning In Tears  
You Upset Me Baby  
With Love (Remember)  
Walking By Myself  
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood  
Cold Wind Blows  
One Good Reason  
Still Got the Blues  
Stop Messing Around  
Texas Strut  
Stop Messin' Around  
I Have Found My Love In You  
Over the Hills and Far Away  
How Many Lies  
I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know  
One Fine Day  
Spanish Guitar  
Too Tired  
Parisienne Walkways  
The Loner  

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